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Fundamentals of SDLC(Software development life cycle)

Hey all,

Today, I will let you know the fundamentals of the SDLC process.

What is SDLC (Software development life cycle)?

SDLC process is the best technique to learn about the fundamentals of any software which means you will be able to know the steps to build a product. What steps are mandatory to build a product, How to minimize time, and how to build high-quality products.

We can say in one line this SDLC module is a good way to increase the ability of any product because in this module we will decrease the risks, we can make it a cost-effective product, after using this module we can make a good design, and build high-quality software. The goal of SDLC is to minimize project risks through planning so that software meets customer expectations during production and beyond.

Importance of SDLC module

In this era, software development is a very challenging field for every software engineer, the software development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology provides a systematic management framework with specific deliverables at every stage of the software development process. and because of this structure, you can give the best result to your clients.

In the SDLC process, you can do the pre-planning for any project because your client will be about to change the product functions, technology, and requirements so for that we can make pre-planning with the help of the SDLC module.

Benefits of using SDLC module.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a systematic process for planning, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining software applications or systems. It provides a structured and standardized approach to software development, ensuring that the end product meets quality, time, and cost requirements. Here are some benefits of using the SDLC model in software development:

Better Understanding of Requirements – With the use of the SDLC module you would understand the full requirements of any product because it is very important to understand the technical language of your managers or your clients and you would be able to understand this technical language after understanding the language of the SDLC module. Because your manager will go ahead with this module only, for any kind of requirement.

Improved Planning: Planning is the most important thing for doing any kind of work because if you have a plan for your product then you will get the result quickly and if you don’t have any type of plan then you can’t do any work in process or successfully. that’s why the SDLC module is the best theme to create your plan according to your product requirements.

Increased visibility of the development process – By using the SDLC theme we can make a good plan for the works because SDLC will give us a way to improve the product ability and goals, because of this you can meet your client’s expectations and your development process is to visible to your client.

Reduced Risks: The SDLC process gives you risk management techniques and you will be ready to reduce those types of risks. SDLC helps in identifying potential risks and challenges early in the development process.

Quality Assurance: The SDLC process reduces bus, errors, inconsistencies and resulting in a higher quality end product.

Documentation: This process will give you entire development documents of any product including requirements, design specifications, test cases, and user manuals.

Client Satisfaction: By developing a high-quality product that reduces risks, has no bug effects, and meets user requirements, SDLC enhances client satisfaction.

How does SDLC work?

It is a structure of the software development process that will help you to produce high-quality software efficiently and effectively. It is a framework that breaks down the software development process into a series of phases, each with its own specific goals and deliverables.

Here I am mentioning the phases of the SDLC process

Requirement analyses – This is the first phase of any development work because without doing the analyses of the product we can’t do anything and the development work will go down.

Planning – This is the second step of any development work because we will know that in the development process many types of bugs, and errors will happen during the development time. that’s why planning is the most important thing to do the work as a pro coder. also SDLC process will give you a good structure for your development process.

Architecture design – The Architecture process is too good to develop any product with good functions with quality because many people are not following this step This is why they are not making good products and do not meet the expectations of their manager.

Software Development – by following the SDLC process a developer will make a good product because the SDLC process gives you risk management techniques and you will be ready to reduce those types of risks. And because of this, you can make a good product for your client.

Testing – The Testing process is very dangerous because the tester will be identifying bugs and errors in the software. and by following this process you will know where you have made the mistake and how many types of bugs are raised during the software testing process.

Deployment – In the deployment phase, the team makes the software system available to users. This may involve installing the software on production servers, creating documentation, and training users. And after the end of this process, you will maintain your product server and all.

Having separate build and production environments ensures that customers can continue to use the software even while it is being changed or upgraded. 

What are the models of SDLC?

The SDLC models depend on your products because you should know about the good model of SDLC because of this knowledge you can’t use the correct model for your product.

That’s why here I have mentioned the models of SDLC.

Waterfall model: The waterfall model is known about us to complete the first phase after that you can go with the second phase. The waterfall model is well-suited for projects where the requirements are well-defined and stable. 

RAD Model: This model is adopted after completing the waterfall model. This model will give you the result in a short period because that directly interacts with your development work.

Spiral model: The Spiral model combines the idea of iterative development with elements of the Waterfall model. This phase is very risk management phase because you are directly involved with the work which means if the developer will do the development work you need to do the testing on it. If you see the errors then you have to raise those bugs to your developers.

V-model: The meaning of V-model is to validate the products or verify the products. The validation or verification process is a very important process for delivering the product to your manager, Through this process you will see whether your product meets your client’s expectations or not.

Iterative model: By following this model you would directly interact with the clients for feedback. This model is very useful for your work because if the clients will not give you any excuse it means you are going to right way and if clients will give you an excuse it means you have to make changes on it.

Agile Model: Agile methodology is a practice that promotes continuous interaction of development and testing during the SDLC process of any project. In the agile model process, all the teams will be divided into a small part of every project and they will have direct interaction with the developers and testers.

Big Bang model: After completing the development and testing phases Big Bang model will enter and he is starting to use your products before giving them to your clients during this process developer will do only the necessary work for that product after that all the important work is carrion by the Big Bang Model phase.

DevOps: This is also a part of the SDLC model because in the devOps function first developer will do the development-related work and after that, they start to do the Operation work for the validation & verification of any software.

How does SDLC address security?

In this software development era, testing is the most important process of every software, and due to the SDLC security process, a tester will do the security testing and find bugs in the software. also, the tester will see the security risks of every software because the SDLC gives you a way to find the security issues by following the modules of SDLC (Software development life cycle).

What is the Process of SDLC?

The process of SDLC is a way of Software development process because this is the basic way and by following this way you will get the benefits of your project.

By following the SDLC process, you can optimize the coding ideas of your developers, make a good plan for your software, design and build it, and finally, undergo the testing process.

The process of SDLC is as –

  1. Requirements – Without understanding the requirements you will not be able to do anything so that’s why you have to do the 1st thing of the SDLC is Understanding the requirements.
  2. Design – This is the second step of the SDLC process. You would make a design for your software with a good plan and after that, you would understand your Developer to build the websites according to this design.
  3. Development – After completing those two steps you will be moving on to the development phase and in the development phase you are moving on the coding work.
  4. Testing – This process is the most important process of every development work because, during the testing process, a tester will identify bugs and errors and a tester will notify you of the status of any software.
  5. Deployments – In this process, the manager will do the validation and verification work of the product and they will decide to release the product.


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