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Different between Manual testing and Automation testing | Which one is the best?

Hey all, In this blog, I will give you a brief knowledge about Manual testing and Automation testing. What is manual testing? Manual Testing is the best test plan for every software development company because by following these testing steps you can create some test cases. You will inform the [...]

What is White Box Testing and Black Box Testing?

Hey all, In this Blog, I will let you know about the white and black box testing. What is White Box Testing? The white box testing is a code level of work and only the developer can do this work because they all have a knowledge of coding and can [...]

Fundamentals of SDLC(Software development life cycle)

Hey all, Today, I will let you know the fundamentals of the SDLC process. What is SDLC (Software development life cycle)? SDLC process is the best technique to learn about the fundamentals of any software which means you will be able to know the steps to build a product. What [...]